How Sponsorship Works

Sponsorship funds will allow PEHUCCI to more fully, consistently, and effectively provide for the various needs of each child it cares for. PEHUCCI will use the money to ensure that the child’s necessities (food, clothing, education) are met, as well as provide the child with a loving and enriching environment. Each child that arrives at PEHUCCI has a unique story that has left an indelible impact on their young life. PEHUCCI seeks to provide that child with what they need physically, but also with mental, emotional, and spiritual support in order to encourage them begin to live a more fulfilling ┬álife. Your funds will help PEHUCCI accomplish all of this, and essentially change the lives of vulnerable, needy Kenyan children!

Not only will your financial donation help the children of PEHUCCI, but the opportunity to communicate with your sponsored child will provide indescribable encouragement to them. Many of the children at PEHUCCI have little or no family remaining, and several of them have been outright abandoned by parents or surviving relatives. The encouragement that a sponsor can bring via uplifting letters makes a world of difference to these children who are not familiar with the stability of a caring and supportive relationship.

For more information on sponsorship, or to sign up today, please visit the ERDO website.